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Posted by Admin On14th January 2010

Education is essential to the eventual success of any human being. Those with no education, whether it is formal or informal, have a much lesser chance of achieving success in the United States. The ability to learn starts with being taught how to attain and retain information at an early age. This is precisely what schooling exists for, to help children to understand how to learn.

Virtually everyone recognizes the importance of education in the development of a child. Sadly, public education has fallen short. It is a tall order to attempt to give children everything they need in this regard with any degree of uniformity. Indeed it is the degree of uniformity that leads to some children being left behind because the particular standard does not cater to their individual needs.

Platform Learning is a company which sees this disparity in learning styles and attempts to compensate for it. They offer a system whereby individual students can receive an education which is tailored to their particular needs. This is possible because of the community-oriented nature of the Platform Learning system, which utilizes participation from parents, local educators, and other students. This is essential to the program’s success—and it has indeed been very successful. What started off as a small business now tutors 50,000 students in several hundred schools.

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